Machining center

  • NC lathes
    • SOMAB T400 prototype lathe with  NUM 1060 NC
    • SOMAB T500 lathe with NUM 1060 NC
    • SONIM T9 lathe with Siemens 840D NC
    • Instrumented wood peeling lathe (SEM)
    • Instrumented wood peeling microlathe (SEM)
  • NC Milling centers
    • 3-axis milling DMG DMC65V with Siemens 840D NC
    • 3-axis milling DMG DMC85VL with Siemens 840D NC
    • 3-axis milling SCM with NUM 1060 NC
    • 4-axis milling Sagem Precimill 4H with NUM 1060 NC
    • 5-axis milling machine Gambin Alcera 120CR with NUM 1060 NC
    • 5-axis milling Mikron HSM600U with Heidenhain iTNC530 NC
    • 5-axis milling Mikron HSM200U with Heidenhain iTNC530 NC
  • Turning milling center
    • 5-axis Mazak Integrex turning milling center 200IV

Surface treatments

  • PVD system
    • 4 rectangular cathodes (16"x5") sputtering sytem by Kenosistec: 2 pulsed DC, 1 DC, 1 RF; planetary substrate holder; heating to 400°C
    • 2 circular cathodes (4") sputtering sytem: RF; heating substrate holder; PIII system (Plasma Immersion Ion Implatation)
    • 1 circular cathode (2") sputtering system: DC
  • BMI Low pressure thermochemical oven
    • BMI oven: max temperature 1200°C
    • BMI oven: max temperature 1600°C

Characterization system

  • Composition
    • Spark spectrometer Jobin-Yvon
    • Microanalysis X (EDS and WDS) Oxford
  • Imagery
    • Scanning electron microscope JEOL
    • Optical microscope: Keyence VHX, Alicona
    • Binocular visio to depth of field with a camera, system of measure integrated
    • Luxscan E-Scan (determine the class of resistance of sawing, a maximum length of 4 m, via the calculation of the module of elasticity and the density)
    • Luxscan X-Scan (mechanical and visual classification of sawing planed by cameras colors / levels of grey and a source of X-rays)
  • Metrology
    • Measuring instrument at 3D surface and surface finish: Somicronic Surfascan 3D
    • Optical profilometer Wyko Veeco NT1100
    • Roundness measurements device: Taylor Hobson
    • Portable measuring arm Romer
    • Tridimentional measuring machine DEA
    • Image dimension measurement system
    • Wettability measurement
  • Measurement systems
    • Numerical wattmeters
    • Monitoring systems: Artis, Digitalway
    • Kistler piezoelectric dynamometer and rotative sensor for milling, micro-milling, turning, drilling
    • Sensor rotary with strain gauge for tapping: Artis
    • Sensor of deplacement: Laser keyence, sensor CF Micro-Epsilon
  • Mechanical characterization
    • Non-destructive systems
      • Bing (System of vibratory analysis of the quality of wood)
      • Sylvatest (System of analysis of the quality of wood by ultrasonic wave)
      • Micro hardness
    • Destructive testing systems
      • 4 -point bending rig (100 kN)
      • Instron (100 kN)
      • Zwick (300 kN)

Specific apparatus develloped for research

  • Instrumented wood peeling line
  • QSTD (Quick Stop Test Device)
  • Micro-slotting Maching in-situ MEB
  • Mechanical impactor for spindle characterization
  • SMOF (optical Measurement system of Cracks. Automatic detection of the cracks of wooden veneers stemming from the microcomputing peeling lathe by camera)


  • CAD-CAM: Catia V5&V6, NX
  • CAM: HyperMILL, PowerMILL
  • Data aquisition and analysis: DasyLab, Matlab, Statistica


  • Press (3m50 x 1m30 - on 2000 kN)
  • Climatic surrounding
  • Climatic room